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Our mission

Our mission is to help legal and compliance teams with their volatilities in resource needs.

Change the legal sourcing strategy of businesses that value compliance and governance.

We believe that it is not just about digital or human, it is about technology empowering talent and enabling new sourcing strategies.

Selection & recruitment

Would you like to permanently expand your team? 

Your legal needs are unique. That is why we are keen on finding the best legal talent to permanently expand your team.

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Our expertise

No matter which expertise you need, our experienced legal team is ready for you.

Their extensive knowledge guarantees custom advice and in-depth guidance concerning the latest laws with respect to the legal domains that are crucial for your company, such as corporate, commercial, intellectual property, data protection, tax and procurement matters.


Inhouse legal counsel


Compliance officer

Cyber security officer

Data protection officer

Legal project manager


Our strengths

Our experienced team can handle all your legal work, both on prem and remotely.
We have a wide network, allowing us to select the right candidate in a matter of days.

Our Academy ensures that our legal experts are on top of the latest legal developments and best-in-class in terms of project management and digital solutions.

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